Peabody, MA


In order to provide an educational program at St. John’s, it is necessary for the school community to participate in a comprehensive development program. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of education. Major tuition increases would price Catholic Schools out of existence and would only be available for those families who could afford a private school. St. John the Baptist School is a parish school, which was founded for the people of St. John’s parish and the community of Peabody. Presently, St John School offers an excellent educational program, permeated with basic Christian values and structured in the Roman Catholic tradition. A development program enhances the school structure as well as infusing the school community with a spirit of pride, involvement and commitment.

All activities are dependent on parent participation for their success. All programs have been very successful and assist the school in managing a sizable budget. Your participation in these activities are vital to the development program. Parents are encouraged to participate in all activities. Our experience tells us that all the events are fun, exciting and profitable both personally and school-wide.