Peabody, MA

Faculty and Staff

The faculty at St John’s has many forms of communicating with parents. Many teachers are accessible via email.┬áTeachers request that parents contact them through RenWeb.


PastorFather John E. MacInnis 
PrincipalMs. Maureen
Assistant PrincipalMrs. Mary
Assistant Vice PrincipalMrs.Valerie
Administrative Asst.Mrs. Christine
Mrs. JoAnn
Business ManagerMrs. Jennifer
Director of Advancement/ AdmissionsMrs. Kathleen
Advancement Assistant/Early Childhood CoordinatorMrs. Tami
Payroll/Human ResourcesMrs. Eileen
Primary Level
PA3 (3-year olds)Mrs. Carolyn
Mrs. Maggie Farrell, Assistant
PB4 (4-year olds)Mrs. Jennifer Garofalo
Mrs. Maureen Lovett
Mrs. Stephanie LeBrun, Assistant
Mrs.Betty Silva, Assistant
Thursday Playgroup (ages 2 and up)Mrs. Maureen Reardon
KAMrs. Stacy O'
Mrs. Maureen Reardon, Assistant
KBMs. Nancy
1AMrs. Patricia
1BMrs. Anne
2AMs. Gabrielle
2BMrs. Kathleen
3BMrs. Karen
Mrs. Laura Silvestro, Assistant
Intermediate Level
4AMs. Christina
4BMs. Kathleen
Middle School
Language Arts Grades 5-6Ms. Fofo
Math Grades /ReligionMrs. Theresa
Science Grades 5-6Mr.Anthony
Social Studies Grades 5-6Ms. Kristen
Religion Grades 7-8Mrs. Julie
Science Grades 7-8Mrs. Lisa
Math Grades 7-8Ms. Jillian
Social Studies Grade 7-8Mrs. Stephanie
Spanish Grades 5-8Mrs. Maura
Language Arts/Reading Grades 7-8Mrs. Valerie
ArtMs. Gina
BandMr. Chris Nowselski
ComputerMrs. Eleanor Gayhart
CustodiansMr. Mark Wells
Mr. Sean O'Neil
Mrs. Cheryl Arsenault
GuidanceMrs. Megan Caplan
Librarian/Support ServicesMrs. Kim
Lunch CoordinatorsMrs. Kristen Connor,
Mrs. Mina Rivers
Mrs. Michelle Breen
MusicDr. Kellie Tropeano
NurseMrs. Katherine
Mrs. Lisa
Physical EdMr. Hiller Pario
Support ServicesSr. Ruth Creedon,
Ms. Carolyn Anderson
Mrs. Nancy O'Brienno'
Title 1Mrs. Mary
Mrs. Ellen
Extended Day ProgramMrs. Patricia Quinn, Director
Mrs. Maureen Reardon
Mrs. Mina Rivers
Mrs. Lisa Tropeano