Peabody, MA

General School Information

All students should arrive by 8:10 at the first bell. The late bell is at 8:15. Morning prayer begins our day at 8:20.

If students arrive after 8:20, please drop off children OUTSIDE the yard on School Street and direct them to walk near the building as they approach the library door. Students who are tardy must check in with the office.

All children who use car line must be dropped off at the lower parking lot. Under no circumstances are automobiles are allowed in this area if the children are outside. During inclement weather the lot will be open for valet drop-off. During inclement weather bus students will use the library door.

The school day ends at 2:45. If your child is staying for extra help or detention, please pick them up promptly at 3:30 at the library door. Arrangements to stay after school must be made before the children arrive at school in the morning.

St. John’s School is NUT SENSITIVE. There are no exceptions! Please do not send any products containing nuts or peanut traces. This includes products made with peanut oil. Many of our students have severe allergies to nuts and contact with them can be harmful, if not fatal.

During school hours all visitors must enter the building using the library door at the upper parking lot. All visitors must check in at the office and receive a visitor’s pass. If you plan on doing any chaperoning, or helping out in classrooms you must come into the office and fill out a CORI form. CORI forms are to be renewed every school year, and you must have a valid photo ID to complete the process. There will be no exceptions as CORI forms are State Mandated, for the safety of all our children.

A full time nurse is available at the school. She is responsible for all health records. She treats illness and health emergencies in school and administers all medication when necessary. All medications including cough drops must be kept in the nurse’s office.

St. John School is offering a POS (Point of Sale) system for school breakfast and lunch with an option to prepay on .

Teachers do not have individual voicemail. Any message needed to be given to a teacher may be done by leaving the appropriate information on the school’s voicemail. Office personnel will ensure that the recipient receive the message in a timely manner.

St. John’s School uses an automated telephone cancellation notice for any delay or cancellation of school due to inclement weather. Cancellations and/or delays can also be viewed on local television news stations from November  through March .