Peabody, MA

Library News

Our library is in need of help for the many jobs still to be done such as alphabetizing and filing of books. If you want to get your volunteer hours by helping in the library, please contact Mrs. Kim Woods at 978-531-0444. She will contact you to arrange dates and times for you to come in.




Since the children cannot celebrate their birthdays by bringing goodies into the classrooms, we have decided to start a “Birthday Book” program. the way that this will work is when it is your child’s birthday, you can donate a new book to the library. We will put a special “birthday” label in the book with your child’s name on it. the book will be displayed on our special birthday shelf for the month and then it will be filed accordingly onto the shelves.

If you choose to donate a book, please remember that all ages will have access to the book and be able to view it. If you would like some suggestions or guidance in purchasing a book, feel free to contact Mrs. Kim Woods.

We would like to thank all of you for your help and patients during our reorganizing.

Mrs. Kim Woods